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Color Shine - Leaves hair with beautiful luster and shine in 5 minutes.  This is Siggers' most popular service.  Its incomparable to any other coloring or conditioning known today.


European Color - Siggers uses only the finest in European hair color to achieve maximum shine and longevity.


Passion Blonding - For the platinum look that Marylin Monroe & Madonna made famous.


Corrective Color - Siggers will consult and advise clients on this process, working closely with them to achieve a beautiful hair color.


Color Gloss - Use after foils to beautifully blend natural hair color and highlights.


Fringe Foils - Highlights around the face to give a brighter appearance.


Designer Foils - A beautiful way to add dimension and highlights.


Sun Streaks - Process to achieve that "just been in the sun" look.


Plus Color - In order to achieve optimal results in hair color it may be necessary

to blend an additional color. This may apply to any of our color services.


Balayage - The beautiful new French way to get natural looking highlights.


Baly Color - A combination of color and highlights done at the same time to give hair shine and definition.


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